Born: April 3rd, 1911
Gender: Male
Fan Fic Years: 2005 - 2008
First Appearence: Dark Aegis
Last Appearence: Durability Hall
Created By: 2091riveraisrael
Property of: The PROJECT Corporation

Raxis was a character created by 2091riveraisrael along side Ryujian for The Dark Aegis trilogy of Fan Fics. He was known to have been one of the Main Protagonists of both the Dark Aegis Series and Hokus Fan Fiction, where he was fighting along side Team Possible, before eventually rerouting into an Antagonist in Fan Fiction Durability Hall, along side Ryujian when the duo became quite Keen of returning back to they're time.

Raxis is known to have been the one responsible for the design and creation of the Tank Walker Archive, during the events of the Incident of 2008.

He is known to be half Human and half airplane, which according to the design the airplane half of him is known to be a Concorde. He is constantly able to quickly morph from a human into an Full Aircraft by a magic, that is placed inside his Heart in which a large white light surrounds him and he is automatically changed from a man into a Plane, the process is similar to when he becomes a man again.

Authors[edit | edit source]

Stories[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Aegis (First Appearance of Raxis, after an unknown Incident that occurred in the year 3991)
  • Dark Aegis II (Raxis works along side Team Possible as well as Ryujian, in an attempt to destroy the Demon of Aegis once and for all)
  • Dark Aegis III (Aegis Robot is destroyed by both Raxis & Rujian during he Final Showdown)
  • Hokus (Marked the final time of both Raxis & Ryujian being Protagonists)
  • Durability Hall (Main Antagonist of the Fan fic, and main designer of Archive, Durability Hall marked the final appearance of Raxis, along side Ryujian)

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