Born: February 23rd, 1911
Gender: Male
Fan Fic Years: 2005 - 2008
First Appearence: Dark Aegis
Last Appearence: Durability Hall
Created By: 2091riveraisrael
Property of: The PROJECT Corporation

Ryujian was the second Protagonist of The Dark Aegis series, created by 2091riveraisrael. He is best known to know multiple Martial arts moves far beyond Kim Possible, as it was proven that Dark Kim Possible even when she had turned one hundred percent into a ruthless Dark witch, that she still had a hard time defeating Ryujian during the final showdown at Impossible Tower on November 14th. He along with Raxis also consists of a vehicle side, as he is known to be half Man and half Bulldozer, his main transformation from Man to Bulldozer is of the exact same technique as Raxis's where a white light would cover his body completely until he morphs into a Bulldozer.

Ryujian along side Raxis had remained Protagonists even after the Dark Aegis Trilogy until Durability Hall, when the duo had managed to finally find a way back home tot hey're time, where they eventually gone Antagonist. Him and Raxis were both defeated by Team Possible when they had attempted to escape into they're time with Archive, a Walking Battle tank with the power to create worm holes.

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Stories[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Aegis (First Appearance of Raxis, after an unknown Incident that occurred in the year 3991)
  • Dark Aegis II (Raxis works along side Team Possible as well as Ryujian, in an attempt to destroy the Demon of Aegis once and for all)
  • Dark Aegis III (Aegis Robot is destroyed by both Ryujian & Raxis during he Final Showdown)
  • Hokus (Marked the final time of both Ryujian & Raxis being Protagonists)
  • Durability Hall (Main Antagonist of the Fan fic, and main designer of Archive, Durability Hall marked the final appearance of Ryujian, along side Raxis)

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