The Dark Possible Incident
Dark Possible Incident...
Date: November 9th, 2005 - November 14th, 2005
Perpetrator: Kim Possible...
Region: Middleton
Music: Multiple
Status: Kim Possible Reverted back to Normal...
  • Camp Wannaweep Resident Albert Fergus & Cindy Rodrigues Killed...
  • Ron Stoppable severely Injured...
  • Dr Drakken and Shego nearly killed...
  • Dark Possible destroyed by Ryujian...
Fan Fic: Dark Aegis
No of Days: 5
Created By:


The Dark Possible Incident was a major Event that occurred in Middleton on September 9th 2005, in 2091riveraisrael's 2007 Fanfic Dark Aegis, in which a Dark Soul Demonetic Power known as the Dark Aegis, had symptomatically taken control of Kim Possible after her Graduation from Middleton High.

The Incident was known to be the most brutal in which Shego and Drakken were both severely Injured during Kim Possibe's rogue antics, along with Ron Stoppable who was also known to have caused Kim's Rogue antics after a mission went horribly wrong in Antarctica.

The Incident ended on November 14th, when Kim Possible managed to fight, and over come her Darkness, when Ron Stoppable sacrificed himself to save Raxis, and Kim Possible separated from Dark Possible which was later destroyed completely by Earth Bulldozer Mover, Ryujian.

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