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The Anna Stoppable tap shoes are Lapezio tap shoes named after Kim and Ron Stoppable's adopted-daughter and world-famous tap dancer, Anna Christiansen-Stoppable from F86Sabre53's This Is Our Year: Series.


After Anna was rated the greatest tap dancer in the world, the dancewear company, Lapezio made a revolutionary new tap shoe and named it after Anna.

After Anna was introduced to the new shoes, the CEO of Lapezio gave her a free pair of Anna Stoppables.

Anna gave a pair of Anna Stoppables to her new best friend/honorary sister, Eleanor "Ellie" Kelly.


Anna Stoppables were black lace-up tap shoes that looked like they were made of both leather and suede and had heels that looked like they were made entirely of stainless steel.


  • The Anna Stoppable tap shoes are based on the real-life Tapsonic tap shoes by Capezio.