Bego (original name Bea Goe) is a superhero appearing in The Adventures of Team Go created by JackieFuChan616.

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During a visit with her four children inside their treehouse following her daughter Sheila's college graduation, the treehouse is struck by a mysterious rainbow-colored comet that infuses her and her children with superpowers. She recieves the orange power of super speed. Her eldest boy Henry suggests that they form a team of superheroes, but she says no to the idea. It was only after they were picked up by a government agency that they were asked to begin their lives anew as Team Go. With each of them taking on new names, she was given the name Bego and the family was moved to Pro City to start their new lives trying to purge it of crime.

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  • Bego is an original character created just for this series designed to showcase a wider range of interactions among the team members and give the team a definite leader who can hold everyone together even Shego.

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