In Bonnie Possible by micknutson9, Bonfire Securities is a Private Investigation firm founded and owned by Bonnie Possible.


When Bonnie was twelve years old with a website advertising her talents as a photographic "youth model", she responded to a modeling job offer from what turned out to be a Pedophile Rapist Serial Killer. After defeating the perp even as the police were breaking down the door of the empty house she was lured to. The resulting media-glut about the "Hero Cheerleader" led to a large number of hits on her site asking for her help, many with rewards offered which she prioritized.

In short order, her youth modeling side jobs grew into a successful and lucrative private investigations, skip tracing, and bounty hunting business. Bonnie gained all appropriate licenses and credentials. She landed retainer contracts from a couple local Bail Bondsmen and developed a good working relationship with Officer Haworth Hobble, who recommended her for the badge-issuing Citizens On Patrol (COP) program.

In the first quarter of 2001 the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office), a component within the United States Department of Justice endowed her with a grant to further develop her company. With such recognition from a US Government Agency, Bonfire had greater legitimacy to operate federally.

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