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When it comes to Bonita de la Isla Rockwaller, Love Robin has some distinct ways of presenting her.

Although some aspects may be altered according to the needs of a particular story, the following can usually be presumed as in LR's over-arcing presentation of her various incarnations of Bonnie, even if not mentioned.


Most of LR's Bonnies >__________<


After her campaign for squad captain[1], and actually getting it before handing the position back to Kim, Bonnie never again challenged Kim for the spot. Although she continued to angle for more prominence during routines[2], Bonnie settled into and fully embraced her role as second-in-charge Squad Lieutenant. Which really was a much more comfortable fit for her as she got to be in charge on the many times Kim was on missions, while able to walk away from the 'heavy lifting' chores of being the Captain.

In other stories, Bonnie struggles with being in command without being able to hand things over to others.


  • 16 styles of dancing
  • Shooting competitions
  • Vampire Slayer

Bonnie's physical skills falls just shy of Kim Possible's, except for where she is the Chosen One Vampire Slayer, in which case the Slayer Essence makes her Kim's equal.

Love Robin's baseline Bonnie has a preference for firearms because they allow her to stand back and fight from a distance.


Bonnie is usually into BDSM domination as a way of channeling the crap which flows her way downhill from overbearing father and superior-minded sisters.



Bonnie's Right Shoulder Sycophant, plaything, and bodyguard. Sometimes even her friend.


Bonnie's Right Shoulder Sycophant, plaything, and bodyguard, and Tara's LLBFF, in most cases her partner and counterpart. Hope and Tara are rarely apart.

Kim PossibleEdit

Despite her brusque annoyance, Bonnie has a hardly acknowledge respect and envy of Kim Possible's popularity and accomplishments.

Ron StoppableEdit

Barely tolerates Ron, but also secretly envious of his ability to be accepted by a wide number of school cliques.


Since the pre-Christian days of druids, the Rockwaller bloodline has been the guardians and protectors of the mystical Rockwall.

Mr RockwallerEdit

Rockefeller "Rock" Rockwaller, Bonnie's father. A very harsh and stern man whose primary interest is power and money.

Mrs. RockwallerEdit

Canon article: Mrs. Rockwaller

Cándida María de Jesús "(Rock) Candy" Rockwaller, Bonnie's mother. A warmly nurturing woman, if at times a bit overly so. An experienced and skilled monster hunter, she was a regeant slayer, meaning that while pregnant with Vonnie, Called while still in the womb, Candy briefly had the Essense of the Slayer.


Veronica Elizabeth Rockwaller, Bonnie's oldest sister by 8 years. She was the vampire slayer prior to the Essense going to Bonnie when she was herself slain by a vampire master.

In some of the Love Robin's stories she remains alive, and in the supernatural ones is implied as still the slayer[3].


Canon article: Connie Rockwaller

Conchita Maria Rockwaller


Canon article: Lonnie Rockwaller

Longoria Eva Rockwaller


Donald Trumpington Rockwaller, Bonnie's younger brother by 4 years, which makes him about the same age as Jim and Tim Possible. He is called "Dweeb" by his siblings. He as a painfully obvious crush on Tara

The RockwallEdit

A mystical barrier with only a few physical components. It keeps various realms separated from our own. Two of which are considered as Heaven and Hell.


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