Bonnie Rockwaller appears in Love Robin's Tara Royalé!, a companion sidequel to Every Kim Possible.


Having a shared backstory with Totally Tara!, yet diverging from that continuity shortly after its Chapter Four, this Bonnie is a bit more mature and definitely more jaded, having spent two years traveling dimensions in the crosstime multiverse.

Thrust into a multi-dimensional civilization embroiled in a war, rubbing shoulders with, and often at the same time against, many and multiple familiar faces, including her own, Bonnie finds herself enlisted in a rebellion against the forces of a Supreme One's determined march to conquer every crosstime dimension and kill every Kim possible in a bid to attain Godhood.

Team TaraEdit

After the Rebellion's last stand on the SS Tipton, one group of surviving rebels form a new guerrilla cell around the multiple idems of Taras Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Tenn, and a couple others, each with a partner or sidekick. Bonnie is Queen's sidekick.

Tango, another Tara idem with Shego's powers in charge of a detachment of The Supreme One's forces, seeks to bring them "to justice".


In addition to her ballet skills, having been a team- and schoolmate of Kim Possible for several years, Bonnie shares many of Kim's superior physical attributes and prowess which had rubbed off during cheer training and routines.

In her time with the rebels, Bonnie has also honed her moderate skill at firearm target shooting to dual-wielding expert marksman levels. Nonetheless she has equipped her prefered sidearms with camera-sights which wi-fi connect to a pair of Heads-up Display (HUD) enabled sunglasses.


  • This Bonnie is virtually identical to the Bonnie Rockwaller from Totally Tara!, except for diverging from that continuity shortly after its Chapter Four and being two years older.


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