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Bonnie Rockwaller appears in Love Robin's Totally Tara!.


Bonnie is the same as she is in canon. She is conniving and manipulative, yet revealed to have had a secret case of Kim-envy for a good portion of her life.

Shortly after Graduation, while visiting former classmates laid up in the hospital in comas from an unknown cause, Bonnie finds herself trapped alongside Tara Queen as The Jackal arrives seeking revenge on their comatose classmates.

After the matter is resolved, mainly at the hands of Tara, the media descends upon them and Bonnie tries to step up to seize her long-expected due and recognition. However even as the duo find themselves –or at least Tara– touted as the latest heroes to come out of Middleton, she finds herself relegated to the sidelines as media-darling Tara's faceless and nameless sidekick, as well as the new shoulder Rufus rides on.

Although coming to grips with her relationship with Tara as perhaps her only true friend, initially Bonnie was on constant alert for opportunities to wrest the spotlight from her.

Team TARA!Edit

With a logo of… Ŧ! …"TARA" acronyms Tactical Assistance & Recovery Agency.

Capitalizing upon the optics of Tara's media recognition, Mister Rockwaller sponsors the duo as a replacement for the missing-in-action Team Possible. Bonnie was incensed her father elected to back Tara as the Face and Name for the team while insisting she continues her role as sidekick. Despite everyone seeing her in only the secondary role, Bonnie's take-charge attitude, coupled with Tara's easy-going laid-back personality, nonetheless has her taking the lead. She also finds herself having to continually correct Tara's forgetting exactly what TARA stands for, despite the fact it spells her own name.


In addition to her ballet skills, having been a team- and schoolmate of Kim Possible for several years, Bonnie shares many of Kim's superior physical attributes and prowess which had rubbed off during cheer training and routines.


  • This Bonnie is virtually identical to the Bonnie Rockwaller from Tara Royalé!, except that continuity diverges from this one at an unspecified point, although very soon after Chapter Four.


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