Broy is a city in the This Is Our Year: Series by F86Sabre53 in which Kim and Ron Stoppable live and go to college in.


Broy is located in New York just north of Albany.

Points of InterestEdit

- Hudson River University

- Wildcat Corner

- Broy Apartments

- Tara and Hope's apartment
- Kim and Ron's apartment (formerly)

- Stoppable Townhouse

- Broy Park

- Broy Mall

- Club Banana
- U.S. Eagle
- Gameplace
- Radiospot

- Monique's Aunt and Uncle's house

- Takeo and Keiko Seki's house

- Alex Walker's house

- Smarty Mart


The name is based on the name of real life city of Troy, New York which is also North of Albany.

Fanfic AppearancesEdit

This Is Our Year: College

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