This Category is ONLY to be applied to Profile Pages of those line-jockeys who shape fanon 1000-words at a time. Links may be added.

To have a profile article devoted to them, there must be 3 or more articles or a gallery with at least 3 pictures, excluding their profile, on this Wiki devoted to their works.

  • There can only be ONE Profile per Artist, even if also an Author.
    • Due to the nature of multiple website sources, such as DeviantART, FanFiction, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Blogspot, various Forums, etc, an individual may have multiple names. REDIRECT pages may be made but only the one Profile page with content. Use their main name, generally the one the bulk of their pictures are published under. If possible, contact and ask their preference.
    • Artist/Authors who share Pen names must also share Profiles.

If also an Author, both categories may be applied.

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