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Characters which either used to be two or more separate individuals merged into one, or display the characteristics of two or more characters. Generally from two or more Franchises, but may be of a single Franchise. They most often occur in Fusions and Alternate Universes, which may also be added as appropriate.

  • MaceEcam's Kim Phantom is a Fusion which Blends the characteristics of several characters from Kim Possible and Danny Phantom into various single individuals, such as Kim+Danny int"Kim Phantom" and Sam+Ron into "Sam Stoppable".
  • The inhabitants of the Amalgam Comics Universe, although now a canon of its own, originated by merging individuals of the two franchises Marvel with DC.
  • Does NOT Apply to Canon Blended, such as DNAmy's minions
    • DOES Apply to Barkin+Rufus "Barkus" although being from one Canon, one Franchise.

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