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For the purposes of Kim Possible Fanon Wiki, a Fanon Character is defined as any Kim Possible Canon Character, usually Background, which has been enhanced and given details by Creatives and or accepted by parts or whole of the Kim Possible Fandom Community in general.

  • The character, known as Amy in pre-production but remained unnamed onscreen, and has been labeled as "The Background Lesbian" and or "Alex Saffic", is a prime example of a Fanon Character.
  • The Norwegian blonde from A Sitch in Time who looked over Ron's shoulder, has been given the name Valkryie "Val" Halla in Love Robin's Norway, Norhow.

Since for the purposes of Kim Possible Fanon Wiki Fanon Characters ARE Canon to Kim Possible, THIS Category should replace any Canon Characters with significant Fan-Enhancments.

  • However, if the character is enhanced with details from a character of another Franchise or more, then Blended Characters may apply.

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