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Valkyrie "Val" Halla appears in Norway, Norhow by Love Robin.

Summary[edit | edit source]

During a series of events in a timeline which no longer exists, Ron moved with his family to Midgård, Svalbard, Norway. There he met a lovely blonde student named Valkyrie "Val" Halla, who took a nearly instant liking to him. Although Ron initially snubbed her interest, after admitting to Kim the distance was not working and "breaking up the team", he accepted her attentions, growing very close.

During an undisclosed incident which found them out in a nighttime blizzard whiteout under the midnight sun. Finding a sizable snowdrift, they gained shelter from the elements by carving out a tight warren, remaining warm by means of the "most expedient and natural method". Several weeks later Val informed Ron he would be a father, to which his response was enthusiastically positive.

Shortly after, the time-traveling Rufus 3000 appeared to take Ron into the past to help Kim in their pre-teen days. Ron never returned, and the timeline was ultimately erased with the result of his having never moved to Norway.

However, even though reality was reset by the destruction of the Mystical Monkey Powered Tempus Simia in the future, since Val's unborn children were imbued with MMP, they survived the reset even though her memories did not. Leaving her with a miraculous case of "immaculate conception".

Having dreams of the mystery father of her children, one night Val spied him at the edge of a newscast about Kim's latest exploits. Recognizing him right away and learnign more about him, she prepared to make her way to Middleton, Colorado, USA. As soon as the babies were able to travel after they were born, she arrived on his doorstep with twins Hans & Hanné, a development which Kim does not accept to well.

Hans, a boy, has Val's hair and eyes, while Hanné, a girl, has Ron's hair and eyes.

Difference from Canon[edit | edit source]

  • Val may or may not be the Earthly containment for the soul of a Valkyrie.

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