JoJo's Impossible Adventure: Enter The Nexus

Other Titles

Enter The Nexus




The Owl City

Music by

Yugo Kanno
Two Steps From Hell
Jamie Christopherson
Yoko Shimomura

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No. of episodes


Running Time

22-25 minutes

Enter The Nexus (alternatively known as "JoJo's Impossible Adventure: Enter The Nexus") is a fan-made project created by The Owl City that takes place after the series finale and has integrated elements borrowed from the hit manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. While borrowing elements from and being inspired by the aforementioned manga series, Enter The Nexus also parodies, pokes fun at, or even defy a number of recurring tropes seen in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Premise Edit

Set somewhere between the late 2020's and early 2030's, days before the summer vacation starts, Joni Stoppable was just an average girl who was suddenly thrust into an unseen conflict between individuals possessed by alien spirits known as Stands, in which Joni unknowingly developed one three months prior. As a Stand user, she was approached then forced to do battle with Brel Rieu; an assistant curator for the Tri-City Museum as well as a seasoned Stand user like her. After throwing in the towel during their skirmish, Brel persuades his opponent to take up his offer if she were to understand more, to which Joni reluctantly accepts, and he formally inducts her into La Squadra Inarrestabile, composed of Stand users, one of which happens to be her older twin brother; Dan.

As they battle more hostile Stand users and pacify an ongoing gallery of supernatural phenomena from breaking into worldwide catastrophes, the team finds out that someone must have gained access to a hypothetical dimension theorized to be the home territory for all Stands: "The Nexus". With this discovery, the team is dead-set in putting a stop to those who using the Nexus for their benefits, and motivating Joni in making a stand to continue her parents' legacy as heroes, albeit in her own way.

Characters Edit

Character Name Stand Role Relation
Joni Stoppable Lady Marmalade Main Protagonist Combat Medic
Dan Stoppable Monkey Business Deuteragonist Distraction/Demolitions Expert (via Monkeys)
Brel Rieu Muse Ally Leader
Mina Arva Mylo Xyloto Ally Financial Support/Saboteur
Mercury Cardini Abracadabra Ally Intel



Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the main series, Enter The Nexus puts more emphasis on the supernatural themes with a twist of science fiction to it.
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