F86Sabre53, or simply known as, Sabre, is both an author and artist of some Kim Possible fanfiction stories. He is perhaps best known for his story, This Is Our Year: College.

List of Stories[edit | edit source]

After Series[edit | edit source]

- After Clean Slate
- After Fashion Victim
- Scared of the Dentist

This Is Our Year Series[edit | edit source]

- This Is Our Year: Graduation
- This Is Our Year: Sightseeing
- This Is Our Year: Post-Graduation Camping Trip
- This Is Our Year: College

The Adventures of Anna Stoppable Series[edit | edit source]

- The Health Project Sitch
- Trip to Japan

Other KP Fanfics[edit | edit source]

- Lonely Hearts
- Christmas Surprises
- An Exchange to Remember

Venues[edit | edit source]

  • Fanfiction.net[1]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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