Fan videos are videos which have been created by fans in regards to the Kim Possible show. There is a wide array of possible fanvids, ranging from fandubs to music videos. Like Fan Fiction and Fan Art, they are non canonical in nature and have a quality that is as wide as those who make them.

Fan Video Types:[edit | edit source]

Music Videos:[edit | edit source]


Possible History Redux

Music videos are videos done by fans much as official ones are; they take scenes from the series and then put them to music. This can range from clips going with one of the official songs of the series (such as 'Say the Word' or 'Could it Be'), to other songs by other artists, such as Frank Klepacki's "Hell March". Music Videos are one of the more common types of fan videos made.

Let's Plays:[edit | edit source]


Kim Possible 3 - Episode 1, Part 1

A Let's Play by Shadigo of Kim Possible 3: Team Possible

Let's Plays are runthroughs of one of the various Kim Possible games such as "What's the Switch?" or "Team Possible". They are typically comentated by the video creator, with comentary ranging from explanations of the game to commenting on the game's plot or events within to even the series itself.

Fan Dubs:[edit | edit source]

Fan dubs are when fans take clips of the series and then 'dub' in new voice acting to the scenes. Fan dubs generally mute the vocal audio from a particular clip, then the fan actors do their best impressions of a character's voice.


Kim Possible Sitch In Time Full Fandub Part 1

A fan dub of "A Sitch in Time"

This has varied results, depending on the skill of the dubbing fan-actors and how well the actual voice acting from the original clips are muted.

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