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Filigreed is a medium-sized country in the Mediterranean area. Less than three hundred years old, it was established by several clans of thieves banding together and annexing land from and where three older countries met at the sea.

The national language is a bastard mixture of Turkish, Egyptian, and Persian with a few more local area tongues folded in. Its customs have been intentionally modeled directly upon One Thousand and One Nights and claim their founding fathers were descendants from the original Forty Thieves.

Filigreed makes its wealth and fame by opening its borders to and harboring without extradition, any and all criminals able to pay entrance and citizenship fees of two-thirds their sum total worth, starting from a minimum of one thousand dollars.

Automatic asylum protection is provided to anyone who can get any part of their body across their borders and or on Filigreed soil. Should someone able to prove a criminal past not have immediate—or eventual—access to funds for citizenship fees can ask to throw themselves upon the fickle mercies of Filigreed's monarch, the BulBul-Ameer Abdullah, who is always looking to fill out the ranks of the military grunts.


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