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Go Glows are the collective superpowers of Team Go.

Canon article: Team Go

While the basics of the four Canon colors are known, some have added…

  • …their own extra Fanon Concept details…
  • …additional colors with new powers…
  • …or both.
Go Glows/BlackGo Glows/BlueGo Glows/Blue/Love Robin
Go Glows/GreenGo Glows/Green/Love RobinGo Glows/Love Robin
Go Glows/OrangeGo Glows/Orange/Love RobinGo Glows/Red
Go Glows/Red/Love RobinGo Glows/VioletGo Glows/Violet/Love Robin
Go Glows/WhiteGo Glows/YellowGo Glows/Yellow/Love Robin

The GlowsEdit

Subpages are to take the form of:

  • /CreativeName for essays which cover the Glow Powers as a collective whole as envisioned by that Author or Artist.
  • /Color if a Canon color: essays which focuses on that one Glow color, as well as disambiguation leading to extended details. If a Fanon Color, just disambiguations.
  • /Color/CreativeName for essays on that one Glow color as envisioned by that Author or Artist. Or a disambiguation should the Author present different base principle properties to the same color Glow in different stories.
  • /Color/CreativeName/StorySeriesTitle for essays focusing on the base principle property of a Glow color in that story.

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Creative ConceptsEdit

Go Glows have appeared in the following:
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