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The Orange Glow Powers, or… the fictional physics with which Love Robin addresses the Glow Powers in her stories.

The Wielders
Ambergate aka Shego Orange of Team Shego
The first among Love Robin's non-Canon Glows so far only has one wielder. The Orange Axis is a super-dimensional distortion of space. Either folding it to bring two realspace points into an overlapping congruence which takes the form of a circular portal, or forcing wide a wormhole in the quantum foam to bridge the two points. Perhaps even a mixture of both. The outgoing portal at Ambergate's opening location is signified by a yellowish-orange light amber coloration, while the destination portal is a darker reddish-orange amber color.
The destination terminus must be somewhere Shego has been, or seen coupled with a knowledge of where in the world it is. Although not comfortable doing so, she is able to work blindly with latitude and longitude coordinates. The gateways only open at open-space and permeable volumes; vacuum, air, or underwater with sufficient concentration. If solid-filled; it will shift to the closest possible volume. The portals have a form of "surface tension" preventing anything at rest at either location from crossing the thresholds unless under sufficient energy. For example, a casually tossed ball will crossover while a slight breeze would not. While not dependent upon anchorage to a surface, doing so allows them to remain "fixed" longer with the most stability yet the least concentration on her part.
The two termini need not be on the same plane or even "up" orientation, nor need it be intended for Shego herself to use; a favored tactic being to open a portal under another person or any object smaller than the opening. Ambergate is highly proficient in what she can generate; larger or smaller gates according to intended usage, as well as a series of them for complex "acrobatic" applications.
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