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Godzilla (KP Version)

Godzilla (KP Version) Godzilla (KP Version) is the King of the Monsters and the sole surviving heir of the Gojiran Empire.

He is known to be very dangerous and very violent due to the first attack on Lowerton, the second on Middleton, and the final on Upperton. He is later developing a romantic crush on Kim after both forgiving each other after the "Siege on the Big Apple" in New York City.

Though Godzilla remains as an Earth Defender and new heir of the Gojiran Dynasty Empire, he has shown his prowess and agility unlike any other monster that has ever done. He is extremely dangerous and aggressive and violent if provoked by human military or Kim being kidnapped which results him to go at extreme measures.

He also has a son (Due to the fact that he might have fallen in love with a human and resulted a child) who has liked Kim which imprinted her as his mother. Although Godzilla revealed to her in human form, he reveals to her that he has a peaceful side and wished not to harm her since the two met on an unexpected night.

Although he has allies by his side, which include Angurius, Rodan, King Caesar, and of course Dagahra. His main enemies include the False monsters, and Gigan, Especially the Mechagodzilla army, plus a now extremely hated enemy of them all: Ron Stoppable.

Although Godzilla shows his respect to her, he is indeed a nice kaiju and has shown her all of the places that include the cliffside of Monster Island (Formerly New Pangeanda), the beautiful waterfalls of Gamma sector I, and the wondrous caves of Gamma sector II.

Godzilla is not that evil, but he once showed the humans his distrust at them in the past and made them pay for their crimes, now a hailing hero to earth when he began to restore balance to humanity and has finally believed that there are some good people who are willing to help keep the earth in good balance, except that Bagan just wants the people to repent for all the crimes they had committed in the past, but Godzilla doesn't agree with him which causes the two to argue.

He once had a father named Dojiro, but did not know the fate of his father ever since the First Age of Kaiju came to an end. During his hiding after his awakening in 2004, he began to kill every monster that was made by mad scientist because he was mocked by the people who wished to make him feel bad, but has stopped after the battle was won.

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