The Henry Hudson Preparatory School is a Private/Boarding School in Broy, New York in F86Sabre53's This Is Our Year Universe. It is here where Kim and Ron Stoppable's adoptive daughter Anna Christiansen-Stoppable goes to private school.

Basic InfoEdit


    Henry Hudson Preparatory School

Type of School:

    Private/Boarding School

Grade Levels:

    Pre-k through 12th


    Broy, New York


    Beatrice Knox

Notable Students:

    Anna Christiansen-Stoppable
    Stacie Fluckey

Notable Teachers:

    Regan Barkin

Sister School(s):

    Reman Manhattan Preparatory School


The Henry Hudson Preparatory School (HHP for short) was established sometime in the early 20th century and is considered one of the greatest school in New York aside from her sister school the, Reman Manhattan Preparatory School.

In late October of 2005, Kim and Ron's adopted daughter, Anna Christiansen-Stoppable enrolled at this school and from 6th grade to 12th Grade, she really enjoyed going.

Dress CodeEdit

As with most Private/Boarding Schools, students are required to dress up for all except gym and extracurricular activities.

For boys, the uniform consists of a long-sleeve white collard shirt, black dress pants, blue tie, blue sweater vest with school logo and black dress shoes.

For girls, the uniform consists of a long-sleeve white collard shirt, plaid skirt, blue tie, black vest with school logo, black socks or tights, and black dress shoes.

For Gym classes all boys and girls are required to wear a grey T-shirt with the school's logo, blue workout shorts, and white tennis shoes.

For those who chose to have their hair in pig or ponytails, they are required to have them held by black hairbands.


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