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Hudson River University Front Enterance

Hudson River University (HRU) is a university Kim and Ron attend in the This Is Our Year series by F86Sabre53.


Hudson River University is located in the fictional city of Broy, New York north of Albany. It is walking distance from Kim and Ron's apartment building as well as a townhouse Kim and Ron later bought so their adopted-daughter, Anna Christiansen-Stoppable could live with them.


List of known classes:

 - Food Preparation Fundamentals
 - Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular
 - Elementary Math I
 - Karate
 - Intro to Literary Analysis
 - 20th Century American History
 - Theater Dance

Extracurricular ActivitiesEdit

List of Known Competitive Teams:

- Football Team
- Cheer Squad


Hudson River's rival is Great Lake College located in Bison, New York


 - Dean Raymond Knox
 - Professor/ Master Takeo Seki (Karate and Food Preparation Fundamentals)
 - Professor Eric Smith (Introductory Biology: Molecular and Cellular)
 - Professor Martin Franks (Elementary Math I)
 - Doctor Jerry Short (Intro to Literary Analysis) [Formally]
 - Professor Keiko Seki (Intro to Literary Analysis)
 - Professor/Coach Alexander Davis (20th Century American History and Football Coach)
 - Coach Katherine Stennis (Cheer Coach)

Student BodyEdit

List of Known Students:

 - Abby Johnson
 - Alex Walker (Former)
 - Betty Arnold
 - Doris
 - Frank Arnold
 - Felix Renton
 - Hannah Jackson
 - Hope Fernando
 - Joey Turner Daniels
 - Kimberly Ann Possible-Stoppable
 - Maggie
 - Monique
 - Rico Oliver
 - Ronald Glenn Stoppable
 - Tania Fedorov
 - Tara King
 - Thomas Scott
 - Valerie Piper (Former)
 - Zita Flores


- The logo, colors, and mascot of Hudson River are based on those of the University of New Hampshire


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