The Hudson River Cheerleaders are amongst the most recognizable features of Hudson River University in F86Sabre53's, This Is Our Year: Series and made famous by former Middleton High School cheerleader, Kim Possible-Stoppable.

Kim started out as a regular cheerleader, but was promoted to captain a few days later after Cheer captain, Betty Arnold, and Cheer co-captain, Valerie Piper, got into a fight that left them both demoted and benched.

Ever since the promotion, the HRU cheer squad became better than ever and everyone was happy, especially cheer coach, Katherine Stennis, who hoped that Kim would outshine Betty and Valerie sooner or later.

Some time later, Kim and Ron Stoppable's adopted daughter, Anna Christiansen-Stoppable, was made an honorary cheerleader after she learned that the Great Lake College Football team was cheating with steroids. Days later, after saving Kim from being assassinated by the father of a rogue HRU student, Alex Walker, she was given the opportunity to try out to be an official cheerleader. The next day, she passes tryouts and became the first non-student and youngest person to be an official Hudson River cheerleader.

List of Known CheerleadersEdit

- Kimberly Ann Possible-Stoppable (captain)
- Betty Arnold (co-captain) [Former]
- Valerie Piper [Former]
- Tara King
- Hope Fernando
- Maggie
- Abby Johnson
- Hannah Jackson
- Tania Fedorov
- Anna Christiansen-Stoppable
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