Ron and Yori start a relationship after "Gorilla Fist", adding a new factor into Kim and Ron's friendship as well as Team Possible.

This story has been inspired by my Ron/Yori art of them kissing at the prom. I knew the only way such a scenario would happen is that Ron and Yori have gotten together at the end of "Gorilla Fist" and Yori moved to Middleton. So my brain thought of the possibilities of what might happen if Yori was in the picture in "So the Drama". The situations would not be the same, as we knew in the TV series. Consider this story an AU from "Gorilla Fist" onward. :)

I know that according to production numbers, "Gorilla Fist" happened just before "StD", yet to expand the time table between "Gorilla Fist" and "StD", I've decided to add a few episodes between them – "Rappin' Drakken" and "Team Impossible." (I haven't seen "And the Molerat Would be CGI", so I can't add it) This way more time would be devoted to the dynamics of how Kim and Ron cope with Yori added to the equation.

It's highly recommended that one has seen "Gorilla Fist", "Rappin' Drakken", "Team Impossible" and "So the Drama" to better understand what is going on in this story in comparison to what was shown in the episodes. With Yori added to the mix, the episodes wouldn't be exactly as we know.

Made by JPMod.

A Bond of Honor

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