On a scale of 1 to 10, how will you rate this pain?
— Joni, right before finishing her enemy with a flurry of her Stand's punches.
Joni Stoppable

Full Name

Joni Kimberly Stoppable


Lady Marmalade

Hair Color

Ginger (Natural, formerly)
Dark Red (Dyed, currently)




LaSI member
Ghiaccio employee


La Squadra Inarrestabile


Kim Possible-Stoppable (Mother)
Ron Stoppable (Father)
Dan Stoppable (Older twin brother)
Morgan Stoppable (Younger sister)
James Possible (Maternal grandfather)
Anne Possible (Maternal grandmother)
Jim & Tim Possible (Maternal uncles)
Nana Possible (Maternal great-grandmother, deceased)
Mr. & Mrs. Stoppable (Paternal grandparents)
Hana Stoppable (Paternal aunt)



Joni Kimberly "JoJo" P. Stoppable is the middle child of Kim and Ron Stoppable, as well as the main protagonist of Enter The Nexus.

Not an avid fan of her parents' heroic escapades, Joni was originally a normal young girl working part-time as an employee for the Italian-based fashion house Ghiaccio until she developed Stand powers via her brother, who was among those who were exposed to the Quickening phenomena when it occurred in Middleton.

Days before the summer vacation, she was encountered then forced to do battle with Brel Rieu, whose motivation for using her as a training dummy veiled his intentions of seeing how good she is with her newfound powers. Thanks to her creative usage of her abilities, Joni was automatically made the victor of of this bizarre skirmish with the assistant curator, intentionally throwing in the towel after being impressed with her quick-witted tactics. Following the outcome of the match and some persuasive conviction from her opponent, Joni reluctantly became a member of La Squadra Inarrestabile as their resident combat medic.

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At first glance, Joni resembles alot more liker her grandmother Anne rather than Kim although with a number of differences. She has inherited some of her father's looks, such as his fair complexion accompanied with freckles across her cheeks, and a pair of blue eyes inherited from Anne but with a lighter shade that can give those she distrusts a cold stare in addition to give emphasis of her reticent attitude. She has dark red hair, which originally had her mother's red color before dying it, kept in an asymmetrical bob hairstyle, having the left side measure longer than the other. On both uppermost front portions of her hair, fox-shaped hairclips are being worn on it.

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