KP and RS in college 2

Kim Possible with Ron Stoppable on the campus of Hudson River University

Kim Possible appears in the, This Is Our Year: Series written by F86Sabre53


Kim is still the same as she was in canon.

After the graduation ceremony, she went to live with her boyfriend, Ron Stoppable. While sitting on the couch with him, Ron brought up his concerns about the future and college. Kim then assured Ron that no matter where she goes to school it would be the one he would attend.

The next night, Kim and Ron attended the post-graduation beach party and, after playing a game of volleyball with Wade and Monique, Ron pulled Kim off to the side and proposed to her. She then accepted before she and Ron headed off to the Sloth to begin a sightseeing trip they both decided to go on after the graduation party.

Sometime after taking flight, Kim and Ron both decided to go to Las Vegas and tie the knot.

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