Láng Wū is the main antagonist of the series. He is a former officer in the Chinese army and the CEO of Wū Industries and James Possible's main boss. Wū is almost the most powerful man on the planet. Unlike most villians, Wū is an idealist and does not see himself as evil and his motivation based on world problems. He wishes to clean thoses problems by any means nnecessary even if it means breaking the law or selling weopons to both sides, particularly communist nations. He is also the commander of the Special Removal of Villainy (S.R.V.), a ruthless Private Military unit whose main purpose is to hunt down and at times kill villains while using brutal and merciless tactics that would even horrify many of Kim's foes. He is also the former lover and archenemy of Shego. 


Láng Wū is 39 years old. He has black brushed down, brown eyes and has a handsome looking face. He mostly wears a trench coat.


Láng Wū is the darkest villian in the Kim Possible series. Wū appears sociable and polite attitude, but is ruthless, cold, and calculating. He does not see himself as evil and views it as something nobody seems to desire, due to that he greatly despises many of Kim's foes, regarding them as nothing more than idiots, feeling little to no compassion towards them. He has a strong rivarly with Jack Hench, due to selling weapons to villians. Despite this, Wū has a soft spot for the homeless and orphans. Wū is communist who harbors a strong hatred with the American private sector, due to its greed.



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