These are a list of episodes in the "Kim Possible Fanon" series.

Not to be confused as enveloping all of fanon of the canon animated series "Kim Possible".

Season 1: 2012-2013Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
1 Moving Up...On, and Not Over Kim, Ron, and Monique are moving on to new lives after Middleton High and all think they will have a peaceful summer break. Monique has a big bombshell revealing she's leaving to fashion school in France while Ron handles summer camp as the new camp conselor. Meanwhile, Kim has her own summer problems as of yet can't find a college, and time is not on her side especially when Shego decides not to begons and starts her old life of villanry. Another old face comes back to stain Kim's college plans. September 1, 2012
2 Pre-College Dropout The start of a new life has send Kim to Upper U and her trying to forget her old life is putting her at a disadvantage especially when she meets her new professors. A new villain comes to town and its a form of a former Upper U student who has a grudge against the Dean and college; can Kim regret her past when the present is already in chaos? Meanwhile, Ron has problems settling in college and realizes he needs to transfer. September 1, 2012
3 Party Until You Drop Crazy Ron's late transfer to Upper U sends him straight to a fraternity and the brothers wants to initiate Ron in a series of games; however, the main brother, Duncan, gives Ron a task he can't refuse even if it results to him ending up in jail. Meanwhile, Kim still adjusting to college meets an old face that really gives her a headache. September 1, 2012
4 Schoolhouse of Hard Shocks Kim and Ron's college gets easier when a subistute takes over and even Kim befreinds her until it is reveal that it's Electrinique, who returns to get her revenge on Kim and Ron by acting as the subistute teacher. Meanwhile, Ron sees Bonnie and reveals she has also been enrolled to Upper U, and tries not to tell Kim who is already befriending the new teacher. September 1, 2012
5 Feeling Blue A professor rediscovers the emotion emmitters [from season three] and tries to make it anew until a short circuit backfires causing the professor to experience almost all of the emotions including anger. Kim learns of this and half to find a way to revert him back to normal before he goes on a emotional breakdown. Meanwhile, Ron's latest assignment sends him face to face interview with non other than...Dr. Drakken. September 1, 2012
6 Try Again After a series of oppurtunties to land a new job and since Club Banana is moving to Upperton, Kim goes on a search to land a new job, but keeps on getting short. While she's finding a job, Kim discovers a mysterious crime of missing jewels and ends finding out smart thieves known as the Gemnappers are playing something big including a plan to steal a priceless, rare blue diamond. September 1, 2012
7 Ron vs. The Starman In an attempt to impress Kim on his gaming skills, Ron seeks the new game, Star Battles; while he is playing he is suddenly hooked into the game and ignores Kim. Kim, wanting to know more about this Star Battles game and when Wade is not able to help her this time, seeks the help of her twin brothers. Their teamwork uncovers a secret gaming cult lead by a fanatic known as The Starman. Kim and her brothers must stop the Starman and save Ron before he is hooked forever. September 8, 2012
8 Job Unfinished Kim and Ron are both summoned to Global Justice as Dr. Director mentions to them that one of her old nemeses other than Gemini is using the needs of Shego and Senior Jr. to steal valuable research for a dastraly dangerous project, so Kim and Ron must stop the terrible twosome before they do serious harm. September 15, 2012
9 Magnetic Dr. Drakken's failed attempts to stop Kim has put him in a stonewall, but he gets unintentional advice from his mother prompting him to make a device that makes him attract to anything and unbeknowst to him can alter a person's moral. Kim befalls onto the effects of the device and is starting to bad things, so Ron and Rufus seeks the Possibles help. September 22, 2012
10 The Show Can't Go On Kim decides to compete in a fashion show Middleton is hosting, yet Bonnie is also deciding to be part of it. Camille Leon strikes again and tries to steal the show. Meanwhile, Ron goes on a Oh Boyz concert alone is surprise to see that Mr. Barkin has decided to joined him. September 29, 2012
11 Greeks and Geeks It's Greek life week in Upper U and everyone is showing support, but not Ron. Ron soon hangs out with a group of very smart geeks that activates a machine to go back to the Ancient Greek times. Ron seeks Kim's and Wade's help to stop the geeks from bringing the entire tri-city area into the real Greek times. October 6, 2012
12 I'm Just Dreaming Kim gets tired of all off college and mission-saving, so she takes a long sleep. Unbeknowst to Kim, Drakken uses her tireness and teams up with Senior Sr. to create a dreaming machine where Kim remembers everything she done the past four and half years, but the things she is remembering has changed and all her choices are erased including her relationship with Ron; so she has to find a way to come back in real time to stop the forces of Drakken and Senior Sr. Meanwhile, Ron tries to find out what happened to Kim, and Rufus is in charge taking care of Baby Hannah. October 13, 2012
13 Meet the K-Squad! Kim thinks pursuing a normal life in college is the best thing for her to do, so she takes the oppurtunity and ignores some of her mission in ordrer to get that step of normacy. However, Monkey Fist returns and kidnaps Ron and Rufus in order to make Kim taste defeat; Kim tries to save the day, but her act of being normal puts in her trouble resulting to a couple of Kim's friends led by Bonnie induct themselves as the K-Squad to save Kim, Rufus, and Ron. January 4, 2013
14 W.E.E.V.I.L Seeing all of Kim's foes defeated, a new enemy rises, Rapheal Toomes, as he enlists the needs of Drakken, Shego, the Seniors, Monkey Fist, and Duff Killgan to unite as one as W.E.E.V.I.L (The World of Evil Enlisted Villianry for International Ligeaunce) to stop Kim Possible once and for all. Meanwhile, Kim has a problem living back at home when Upper U is having housing issues; Kim decides to search for a apartment. January 11, 2013
15 Home Disprovement Kim successfully finds a medium-sized condo and wants to move in, but discovers the Gemnappers are back and this time in the search for the rare Persian Pearl; Kim must miss out her chance for a quick move in order to stop the jewel theives. Meanwhile, while Kim goes solo, Ron deicdes to spice up her new pad and unfournately called in the fashionitas for assistance. January 18, 2013
16 Picture Perfect It's Upper U's annual art show, and Ron unintentionally gets involved as everyone discovers a mysterious artist is creating wonderful masterpices and unbeknownst to them, Kim, and Ron, the artist is actually Rufus. Toomes uncover Rufus' talent and uses W.E.E.V.I.L to kidnap Rufus for his talent.
Note: This episode is known as Molerat Art.
February 2, 2013
17 The Oh Boyz Are Back in Town The Oh Boyz are back to peform a concert at Upper U and Bonnie and Kim gets into a friendly competition to get backstage tickets, but Senior Jr. wisks his oppurtunity to reach stardom again and plots with Duff Killgan to kidnap the Oh Boyz and become the next star whatever it takes. Meanwhile, Ron fakes being a Oh Boyz agent and puts the group in harm's way. February 9, 2013
18 *Evil Kim Much? (Part 1) Drakken successfully creates a evil clone of Kim Possible; Senior Sr. and Monkey Fist soon joins Drakken's latest plot; they plan on kidnapping the real Kim while Evil Kim impersonates the real one in order to bring W.E.E.V.I.L to world domination. Meanwhile, the real Kim has her first rent and is unable to pay, so she finds duties in babysitting to pay the rent. February 16, 2013
19 Which Kim is Which? (Part 2) Ron continues to have doubt about the new Kim, but when she do something that isn't Kimness, he seeks help from Wade feeling something is not right; Wade and Ron teamup and request assistance from an old friend--Felix. Meanwhile, the real Kim is trapped in a undisclosed lair as she tries to escape and stop her evil self from harming her family and friends. February 16, 2013
20 Farmed and Dangerous A awkward mission sends Kim, Ron, and Rufus to the middle of rural Kansas as they discover a hidden bomb is threatening a farmer, Farmer Billy-Jeep, so Kim and the others go undercover as farm workers to find the bomb. Meanwhile, b-story living the farm life isn't that bad especially Kim second guessing if farming is a perfect way to live a normal life, yet Ron don't think so. February 23, 2013
21 Twin Factor Jim and Tim usually get out of trouble, but when their parents punished them for a year because of a harness prank, they both think something is wrong; they soon find out that DNAmy has returned and used a DNA sequence machine changing their parent's good morals to bad moral. With Kim out in a mission, the twins with the help of Rufus are the only ones to stop DNAmy and revert their parents back to good. March 2, 2013
22 Evil Exam Much? (Part 1) To prepare for her fall semester's final exam at Upper U, Kim takes a risky plan to study, but how she does it will take a huge impact; on the other hand, she gets a call from Wade insisting her to visit a training island built for agents. Kim doubts the invitation, but feeling pressure from both Ron and the exam preparations changes her mind. While on the training island, Z, Wade's new friend and director of the island sends Kim on a series of test to prover her worth and challenges her to become a double agent. Unbeknownst to them, things get more bizzare when Z is Rapheal Toomes's son and that W.E.E.V.I.L enters the scene. March 9, 2013
23 Evil Exam Much? (Part 2) Still on the island, Kim, Ron, and Rufus continue the tests Z vigorously put on her; Kim feeling the effects, also feels something is not right, but realize other agents aren't doing the same tests. Kim, Rufus, and Ron uncover the true reason why Z called Wade to send her here, when they also realize it was a trap set by W.E.E.V.I.L. Nowhwere to go, Ron and Rufus are captured by the Seniors, the agents that came here to train are also captured by Killigan and Monkey Fist, so in order to save them Kim half to continue her forced training by Z if she wants her friends alive and the world safe, but something else is still part of Rapheal's plan. March 9, 2013
24 Evil Exam Much? (Part 3) Still on the island and now trapped, Ron must lead a resistance force consisted of himself, Rufus, and the captured agents to stop Monkey Fist, the Seniors, and Killigan; as well, Kim is exhausted becasue of her series of tests run by Z. Kim realize all along she is being trained to become one of their dark agents, but Drakken and Shego almost second guess the plan. So, Kim half to stop Z, Rapheal, and W.E.E.V.I.L's plan to dominate the world with dark agents; meantime, she gets undoubtely great help from Team Impossible and Global Justice. Meanwhile, Rapheal's plan is taking place in Middleton as the K-Squad is the only force to stop it; Kim is aganist the clock when her fall final exam is beginning anytime soon. March 9, 2013

Season 2: 2013-2014Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
25 Can the Real Mole Rat Stand Up? Having spending time in Sydney for a mission leads Kim, Ron, and Rufus into trouble when they meet a wicked scientist, Dr. Kamboone; unbeknowst to the gang, the evil doc has a mole rat farm and when he sees Rufus as one of his new pets, he seeks his robotic dingagos to attack Kim and Ron. When Rufus is kidnapped by the doc, Kim and Ron decides to search for him, but is going to have trouble when all the mole rats are naked and look exactly like Rufus. July 8, 2013
26 Extreme Makeover: Drakken Edition Seeing her new loft has no spunk, Kim unintentionally gets involbed by a Trading Spaces-like show as she is to spend a day at another person's house...what she don't know is that Kim is trading spaces with Dr. Drakken and the mayhem has begun. Meanwhile, Ron is the only person to help Monique with a unique problem. July 9, 2013
27 Lost in Kimlation Drakken creates a device that somehow causes sound waves to be disturb resulting whoever is in the device's range is going to talk a Babel-like voice; Kim, Ron, Monique, Wade, the entire Middle U are all caught in the Babel device and the only person to stop it is Rufus. July 10, 2013
28 That's So Ron Always clumsly and thinking Kim dislike him, Ron decides to be taught as a gentleman being teached by non other than Mr. Barken. However, Ron's new swarve moves are going to face a challenge when Monkey Fist returns to get even when he kidnaps both Master Sensei and Yori. Meanwhile, Kim and Bonnie faces a new enemy...a rival cheerleader. July 11, 2013
29 Long Live, Queen Shego When Rufus uncover a time watch, it is revealed that it can go back in time, when Ron picks up the watch from Rufus, they are both send back to the future when Shego reclaims her spot as Queen. Kim uncovers Ron's furustic distress call and she must do something she never done before and the only person who has another time device...Professor Dementor. July 12, 2013
30 The Switch is Back Just as Kim thinks life could finally go back to normal, it ends up not so when Evil Kim returns and this time really wants to live as the real Kim Possible. The real Kim has to find a way to stop her evil doppleganger before the people she cared about the most lands straight in the middle of Evil Kim's path. Meanwhile, Ron accidentally becomes a professor and must teach a class before things turn not so good. August 2, 2013
31 Boy Troubles It's Spring Break time and Kim and Ron wants to spend some quality good time in good ol' Cuba, but things get into a controversial move when Kim rescues a handsome boy while she mistakenly kisses him and the boy reveals he want to date her; but Kim is going to be in a bubble when not only she has Ron to think about, but also when the Gemnappers return for a rare Mexican crystal. August 9, 2013
32 There's No 'U' in W.E.E.V.I.L W.E.E.V.I.L is back when Z returns to get revenge on Kim Possible and her K-Squad, but when he tries to recruit new villain members several of them don't make the cut. Those cut members tries to get another chance when they decides to take on Kim and the K-Squad themseleves. Meanwhile, Bonnie creates a Big Sister program and realizes Tim and Jim are her little brothers. August 16, 2013
33 Hello Space, Goodbye Middleton (Part 1) September 21, 2013
34 Hello Space, Goodbye Middleton (Part 2) September 21, 2013
35 Clean-Up Club January 6, 2014
36 Ron Dangerous January 7, 2014
37 Never Quit January 8, 2014
38 See No W.E.E.V.I.L January 9, 2014
39 Mrs. Kim Stoppable January 10, 2014
40 Twins of Mystery March 7, 2014
41 World's Fair March 7, 2014
42 *Evil Magician Much? March 14, 2013
43 Gone Rufus Gone March 14, 2014
44 Happy Birthday Kim March 21, 2014

Season 3: 2014-2015Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
45 Adrena Lynn Strikes Back June 20, 2014
46 The Adrena-Lynn Factor June 20, 2014
47 Kim Possible VS Adrena-Lynn
48 That's So Wade
49 The Rufus Factor
50 Kim Get Your Gum
51 Royal Pleasure
52 The Seniors Factor
53 Gill Strikes Back
54 Home Aprovement
55 Jetpack Backpack Royale
56 The Wade Factor
57 Job Fair
58 Mission Possible
59 Job Finished
60 Camille Strikes Back
61 The MC Honey Factor
62 That's So Oh Boyz
63 See No Evil
64 My Fair Kim
65 My Fair Ron
66 My Fair Rufus
67 My Fair Monique
68 My Fair Jim and Tim
69 Feeling Happy
70 Happy Days

Season 4: 2015-2016Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
71 K-Squad Meet Your Match Z's latest ploy prompts Kim and the K-Squad to stop him and W.E.E.V.I.L. However, the K-Squad are against the wall when they face dark agents who are mimicking the K-Squad's moves. Trying to find a way to stop the agents, the K-Squad must quickly adapt new moves and regain their courage before they are forced to disband due to their discourage.
72a Unsportsmenship Games Kim and Ron help Yori coach the Yamanuji school team take on the Dis Honor Class and the rest of the Jake Hench villain school in competition.
74 It's A Not-So Wonderful Life Just as Kim is finally going to bring down Z, Z make his move infecting Kim with a serum that causes her to have self-doubt. Kim suddenly doubts about her mission life and how she can save the world as well her relationships with Ron and Wade. Ron and Wade realize the only way to reverse her doubt, they must show her the good she have caused by inviting many people she helped saved. They hope it can reverse the doubt so Kim can do what she does best and stop Z.
75 Treading Sitches Fedup with Bonnie's snid attitude about her teen hero thing, and how much better Kim has it, Kim makes a bet with Bonnie, and the two of them trade places for a day, and see who's got it worst.
76 The Bounty With most of Kim's villians in jail, the villains hire an underground crime organisation to eliminate Kim Possible. Though the information given to them, and other circumstances, they mistake Bonnie for their target.
77 The Wrath of Dr. Drakken Drakken gets tired of the way people have been treating him. So he decides to get everyone who has ever done him wrong! But little does he know that his little pranks, will get him in trouble with an unwanted character!
78 With Friends Like These Kim makes a Club Bannna chat room friend, and they really hit it off, they decide to meet in person, and Kim's chat room friend is Shego.
79 The Enemy of My Enemy
80 I'm Not Jelling!
81 Life in the 80's Drakken decides to steal Boogie Gus's blast from the past laser gun and he orders Shego to steal it. Boogie Gus transports Kim & Shego to the 80's and they'll have to work together to get out. Meanwhile, Boogie Gus goes after Drakken and Ron tries to rescue Rufus from being quarantined in the science lab.
82 Morphing Is So 1987 Professor. Kamboone gets his revenge by cloning an army of Kim Possible's to eliminate Kim. Meanwhile, Ron thinks about selling Rufus to get a normal pet.
83 The Abominable Snowman The cheerleading squad, the football jocks and Mr. Barking go on a field trip to the annual Winter Cheerleading Contest. The bus breaks down so they take refuge in a Snowy summer camp...that just happens to also be the home to an angry snow beast. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
84 The New Wade An evil super villain called Tim Scam kidnaps Wade and takes his role in Kim & Ron's lives. He proves to be more realistic than Wade and doesn't always get everything right. His real motives shine through when he clones Kim with a substance he calls Scamlar. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
85 Bonnie Possible...Huh? Drakken kidnaps Bonnie and transforms her into a teen super villain. She proves to be more impressive than Shego so Drakken locks her up. Bonnie begins to take over Kim's life. Can Kim save the day before it's too late.
86 Get a Job Kim gets a part time job at Bueno Nacho (again) and it proves to be difficult when she discovers the owner is a circus freak and the ingredients in the new Bueno Nacho meal can transform whoever dares eat it into a freakazoid mutant. Kim is called in to help Drakken when he turns into a mutant. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
87 Evil Ski Trip Much? Since Kim and Ron have been working so hard Wade organizes a ski trip for them. Which turns out to be another deadly mission when they discover it's the location of Drakken's new lair. He and Shego create a deadly beast by mixing DNA that terrorizes Kim & Ron. Can Kim save the day before it's too late.
88 Just Another Evil Boyfriend Ron's evil persona returns and kidnaps Ron so he can get his revenge on Kim. Kim calls in Prof. Kamboone who developed the formula to kill evil persona's. But is he to be trusted. Can Kim Save the Day before it's too late.
89 Double Digits An old man develops a time machine and transports Kim & Ron to the future. And who else could save them but Drakken & Shego. Can Kim save the day before it's too late.
92 My Robot Girlfriend An evil Robot creates Robot Girlfriends to aid him to take over the world. He plot takes a turn for the worst when the robots decides he isn't a fit leader and try to obliterate him. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
93 The Big Volcano Drakken creates a formula allowing all the volcano's around the world to erupt and the exact same time. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
94 A Thing For Musicians A musician's manager puts hypnotizing dust on his CD'S causing the fan's to go nuts. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
95 Lucky 19 It's Ron's 19'th birthday and un-cured Gill finally exacts his long overdue revenge. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
96 Nightmares A boogeyman is making everyone's nightmares come true. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
97 A Seriously Skillful Ninja A ninja gradually kidnaps Kim and then Ron. So it's up to Rufus to save the day. Meanwhile, Bonnie makes a few changes to the cheerleading squad.
98 The Mad Dog When the Mad Dog mascot costume starts terrorizing people all eye's point to Ron. Can Kim clear his name before it's too late?
99 Super Possible's Kim hits her head and experiences what life would be like if the Possible's were a superhero family constantly trying to foil the plan's of Drakken's super villain family. Can the super Possible's save the day before it's too late?
100 Horror-rific On a school camping trip, Kim get's lost in the woods with Bonnie. Also the home to a supposed Mud Beast. Can Kim save the day before it's too late.

Season 5: 2016-2017Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate
107 The Machine Age Rufus hits his head and gets to experience a day in the future.
108 Bad Dreams (Part One) The Boogeyman perfects a ray to give Ron recurring bad dreams. Ron explains his dream to a dream translator and the translator says he is in danger. Kim suspects the Boogeyman who has gone into hiding in the Amazon. Kim goes to the Amazon only to be captured by a native tribe called the Zing Zings. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
109 Bad Dreams (Part Two) Kim is still in captivity of the Zing Zings when she learns they think she's a god. Wade reads up on some native curses and finds a way to get Kim out of captivity. She must find a cursed treasure hidden inside The McLean Tombs, an ancient god. Kim manages to escape and finds the cursed treasure that returns the ancient god McLean. Can Kim save the day before it's too late?
110 Bad Dreams (Part Three) Kim returns to Middleton, McLean hot in pursuit and tells Ron that within 24hrs his head will implode. She leaves him in a tub full of cold water to reduce his fever. Wade puts a GPS lock on The Boogeyman to reveal he's in St. Lucia. Kim infiltrates his lair and he reveals that as of now Ron's nightmare's can come true. Kim returns to Middleton to find that Mclean, Drakken & Shego have teamed up to eliminate Kim and take over the world.
111 Bad Dreams (Part Four) Kim finds the Boogeyman in the Alps. Also the home of a legendary Snow Beast. The beast turns out to be Gill who adapted to snow and turned into a land mutant. Kim stops the Boogeyman by getting Gill with his ray. On top of that Kim blows up the Alps altogether. Kim returns to find the nightmares have stopped coming true but Middleton is in a wreck after the aftermath. Kim returns to her home to find Mclean, Drakken & Shego have kidnapped DR. Timothy Possible and taken him to a space pod set to throw him onto the sun to burn. With Tim & Jim's help Kim builds a rocket and infiltrates the space pod. McLean escapes alone in the escape pod and leaves the rest to burn as he has locked the space pod to go straight into the Sun. Using, an electro magnetic formula developed by Dr. Timothy Possible they manage to stabilize the rocket, therefore they are able to fly back down. Drakken & Shego are now on a year's worth of community service.
112 Smelly Trash Dr. Drakken & Shego develop a ray that turns trash into Gold and become millionaires. They abuse their power and knock down Kim's home and Ron's home. They buy a TV station and record a show hypnotizing everyone into obeying them. The Possible's and The Stoppable's unite to form the The Drakken Resistance. But their plan goes awry when Kim get's hypnotized too.

Season 6: 2017-2018Edit

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
139 The Possible's Last Stand Last episode of the series.
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