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Although the Lorwardians themselves do not feature prominently in Love Robin's Grey Matter, their technology does, and their culture is nonetheless touched on a bit.

As is typical for the author, she presents a take on the Lorwardians which is a departure from that of most of the fandom. Essentially, Warmonga and Warhok are not fully representative of their people as a whole, but are part of a radical fringe sub-culture of their people analogous to a one-percenter outlaw motorcycle club. A trope Love Robin refers to as "space biker gang".

The fate of Warmonga and Warhok is not disclosed. However when a party of scientists went to examine their downed starship, they discovered a highly virulent strain of mold-like spores spreading unchecked into the African jungle in which it had crashed. Projected to blanket the entire planet within the decade, a desperate mission was put together for a ship and crew to backtrack the alien cruiser's navigational data in hopes of finding the planet which the Lorwardians had picked up the spore from and procuring a whatever agent in its native environment kept it in check.

As the expedition progresses, in reviewing copied data files, more about the Lorwardian culture and the galactic community they exist in unfolds.

Allusions[edit | edit source]

Although not intentional, the "Space Biker" trope gives Warhok a modest similarity in some respects to the DC Comics character Lobo. At least in appearance, especially when considering the design of the "flying bike" Kim commandeered in Graduation, Part 2, and imagining him using it. While in Canon the two aliens have a very similar temperament, this incarnation of Warhok lacks many of Lobo's traits. Such as ability to survive long periods in space without support gear, or regenerate from even extensive physical damage.

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