Love Robin, or simply LR. is the author of several stories. She first entered the KP fanfic arena with her "flagship" The Worst Possible Sitch, an Evil Kim Kigo story.

LR has done extensive research on the canon series, going over every second of action in the fore- and background. From this she has developed an extensive personal-fanon which not only finds its way into her stories, but often becomes the seed and core of them.

Being a Sex and Relationship Therapist in Real Life, she often interjects adult and alternative lifestyle elements into her writings. She has a preference for Kigo, Kibo, and Alternative-life Kims, which she feels not only due to subtext in the show, but a vibe bleeding though from mostly men writing a girl.

LR also tends to prefer using details which are not only different from most of the fandom, but richer as well. For example depicting Hope as Romani/Roma/Gypsy and or Hekawi Native American instead of any flavor of Asian.

Fun trivia: LR points out that "Kim Anne Possible" anagrams to "Some Pink Lesbian". Mind-blowing, huh? Her stories include:

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