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The following details what is expected of contributors

While the fandom and derivative fan works span the ages, considering the franchise is based on a children's show, and may attract visitors of the same demographic, The Kim Possible Fanon Wiki NEEDS to enforce a proper level of language and content.

  • ALL language must be Rated-PG
  • NO content is to be hosted here. Discuss a story, quote a few excerpt, a few panels of comic art, but do not attempt to post entire passages or pages.
  • NO Adult or Mature images. If DeviantART requires a filter for it, it cannot be here.
  • NOTHING explicit. Ships such as Kigo may be discussed, but details about their intimacies can NOT.
  • NO WARS. Do NOT start or feed into any arguments about 'Ships or any other aspect of the Fandom. Blocks will be handed out. Conversations and Debates, even if slightly spirited is one thing so long as ALL REMAIN CIVIL. Discuss Topics; do NOT attack Users.

  • Source Mode editing is strongly recommended for its auto-complete feature, which is handy for templates and listing suggestions of subpages.
  • Links to lengthy subpage-titled pages should be piped to simplicity. There may be templates to help.

Basic TerminologyEdit

The following are for the purposes of the Kim Possible Fanon Wiki

  • Creative - collective term for Author, Artist, and Film/Video Maker.
  • Canon - everything about a franchise as presented in its original media (TV, Book, ext), and usually includes subsequent releases in the same media. May differ from "Official" and "Pre/Production" information. When in doubt, go with the original release versions.
  • Fanon - Aspects of a franchise with little-to-no canon details which have been given more extensive details.
  • Character - a character, regardless of type or source.
  • Fan'chise - the "fan-made franchise" of a specific Creative; aspecific Story, Series, or AU, etc, as created by a specific fan. As opposed to any Official Franchise which fan works are derived from.
  • Incarnation - a character as they are presented in a story or series. May have significant variation from their Canon.
  • Story - a story. May be in varied and multiple media.
  • Series - multiple stories are considered a Series as long as there is more than one story in the same continuity or "universe", even if…
…not direct-sequels
…not by the Original Author
…not of the same media
Unauthorized by the Original Author.
  • Installment - a story which is part of a series. Note: a Series Title need not be the same as any of the Installment Story Titles.


Do NOT make pages covering Canon topics UNLESS there is Non-Canon and Fanon information to be detailed. If minor enough, find a suitable article to include it on.

Some Pages have color-coded "back panes". Purple for Literary, blue for Artwork, and (currently) orange for Film and Video. These are applied to author/artist Profiles, and pages about Story/Art and other aspects which are primarily done in those media types. Anything which is done in more than one media will not have these back panes.

The following are valid pages:

CreativeName - a profile page for Author, Artist, or Filmmaker. Not to be confused with their Wiki User Profile Pages if they maintain an account on Wikia
CreativeName/StoryTitle - about a story
CreativeName/SeriesTitle - about a series
CreativeName/SeriesTitle/InstallmentTitle - about a story in a series
CharacterName - about the "base" character, may link to Canon Article
CharacterName/CreativeName - optional if author has headfanon for multiple incarnations
CharacterName/FullName - expanding on characters with single or incomplete names(ex, Marcella, Mrs Stoppable)
CharacterName/StoryTitle - about the incarnation for a story
CharacterName/SeriesTitle - about the incarnation for a series


Types of Characters - for the purposes of *this wiki*,

  • Canon - characters which are canon to their franchise
  • Fanon - characters which are canon to their franchise, usually minor or background, with extensive fan-speculated details overlaid them.
  • Original - characters entirely of the author/artist's creation.
  • Crossover - characters from one franchise inserted in another, while remaining fairly true to their own canon
  • Imported - characters from one franchise inserted in another, but have obvious differences from their own canon made to suit them to the needs of the story
  • Blended - characters which have aspects and elements of two or more characters, from one or more franchises.

Characters, especially Canon ones, must start which a disambiguation page, starting a process of filtration which will arrive at the various fan-incarnations.

  • If there is a page on our affiliated canon-centric Kim Possible Wiki, use {{Canon}} to link to it

Incarnations of Characters are done on subpages, which are invoked with a slash the same as archives on User and Talk pages, and Galleries in some wikis. So a Character's Incarnation pagename takes the form of 'Character/StoryTitle' or 'Character/SeriesTitle'. Always use an Incarnation's Canon Name(check with KP Wiki) in lists; any fanon-expansions on their names should only be expanded upon on their Character/StoryTitle page.

  • ALL INCARNATIONS SHOULD BE LINKED TO THESE PAGES and redirected from there if and as needed.
  • If part of a series, regardless of which Installment(s) they are featured in, Incarnations are to be Character/SeriesTitle.
  • See {{t|Incarnation||, below
  • At this time, in the case of multiple versions of the same character within a story or series, list them in Sections on the Story or Series subpage.
  • If a character does not have a Canon Full Name, Ex., Tara, for incarnations where a full name is provided, their pages take the format of 'Character/FullName' Ex., Shego/Sheena Gold, Tara/Tara Queen, Mr Stoppable/Abel Stoppable
    • If there is a prominently used alias for an Incarnation, a Redirect pointing to the FullName subpage may be made. Ex, TangoTara/Tara Powers
    • In cases where a character has the same Full Name in different stories, their FullName subpage should be a disambig page pointing to the story pages sub to it.
  • Crossover Characters are, for the purposes of this wiki, a character which is canon for their franchise. While the Incarnation template will make a page for them, from there you may link to a *free* Reliable Source about the character. However it is encouraged to write how the character is used in the story. Please.
  • Fanon Characters are trickier as they usually do not have canon names. If there is a Reliable Source citeable (pre-)production name available, use that.
    • Still sorting this out
  • If the character is only mentioned in the listed story, Their full name is to be Italicized and in Grey; to automate this process, see Template:Incarnation, below.

Another use of a character/subpage is Character/CreativeName (ex, Tara/Love Robin) when there is a need to address how an Author's over-arcing Head-Fanon and Envisioning of a character is handled. For example, why Love Robin gives different surnames to Tara which are generally story-dependent. Character/Authors should not (at this time) have subpages, but instead may act as a Disambig pointing to relevant Character/StoryTitle pages where the Character Incarnation is detailed.

See Bonnie Rockwaller and Tara for examples and current working frameworks.

Stories, Series and InstallmentsEdit

Warning: This wiki makes use if the DISPLAYTITLE Magic Word to 
simplify how long pagenames with sub-pages *appear* in the page title. 
Be sure to check against a page's URL. Redirects may exist for ease of 
visitor searches, but contributors should use direct links while editing.

Note: Standalone and installment story titles are to be in regular text, while the titles of series are to be Italicized.

Stories and Series are to be subpages under the Original Creative's Page, with Series Installments subpaged under their main Series page.
For Example…

Love Robin
Love Robin / The Worst Possible Sitch
Love Robin / Every Kim Possible
Love Robin / Every Kim Possible / Every Kim Possible
Love Robin / Every Kim Possible / Tara Royalé!
A Series Basepage is to be a Disambiguation page linking to the Installment subpages


A Disambig page which serves as a Creative's bio. It may include links to Stories/Series; Original Characters; Character/CreativeName; any other Original or Fanon content. A Creative's Base-page should utilize the name they are most widely known as, or if possible to communicate with, their preferred name. Should they have multiple names due to having a presence on multiple websites and venues, REDIRECT pages may be made to point to their Base-page.

Should a Creative maintain an account(s) on Wikia and activate(at least one edit) their profile(s) here on this wiki, their User pages of Profile and Talk are not to be used as their Creative Page, instead they may link to any pages in the Mainspace including Creative Page. They may create Blogs to discuss any aspect of their material or errata. However if a Forum exists which addresses/covers a topic, Authors are encouraged to indulge them.


Note: All methods of "Create New Page" has a header providing the ability of preloading in all most Layouts. These new pages obey all the naming and Namespace rules (except for Top10Lists). Once editing starts (there may bea prompt to re-enter the pagename), the standard "Do you wish to navigate away?" warning pops up if changing preloads, and preceding will lose any edits done; in Visual editors this may happen anyway just for loading the page

  • Anything like "empty" sections and tips/instructions are to be wrapped inside <!-- 'content to be hidden' --> which will render it invisible while still there if ever needed; note the spaces. COPY any needed content outside of hidden code, leaving the the instructions intact for future editors.

Proposing a LayoutEdit

If you feel you have a layout, either for pages missing them, or suggestions to improve existing ones, make a New page titled (minus quotes) "Proposed PAGE Layout", where PAGE is the name/purpose of the layout, and add to Category:Proposals. Administration will review it.


Rules regarding the posting of images and art.

  • No Mature or Adult images, nothing above a PG-Rating. If it needs a Mature filter on DeviantART, it cannot be here. Unless it can be tastefully cropped; see next.
  • Images are to remain WHOLE, with the sole exceptions of
  1. …cropping out any offensive portions which would otherwise restrict its use on this wiki, and ONLY if the overall message of the image is preserved…
  2. …distilling focus to a character for Character and Incarnation Pages…
  • …and in EACH CASE, "_cropped" is to be appended to the end of the Filename.
  • File names should be clear, easy to read, and descriptive of the image. Alter as needed. For example, stripping out strings of alpha-numerics.
    • After that, whenever possible Original File Names should be retained.
    • Where filenames are significantly altered to follow the First Rule, the Original filename is to be entered into the file's Description.
  • Whenever possible, the original artist should be informed of the use of their images, and if a cropped version exists.
    • In the case of DeviantArt there are very few reasons this cannot be done.


In many Layout Preloads, select templates and Magic Words are positioned to auto-fill out the Lead Section based on the PAGENAME. Use Preview to double-check; unexpected results may be due to improperly formatted PAGENAMES.

Our top custom templates have been added to the Editor's Template Module; that section on the right rail with the puzzle pieces under Categories.
Current templates are:



  • Call up a page listing that page's subpages, making use of a pre-filled Special:Prefixindex form.


  • In place of the first instance of self-reference on pages which are prone to have subpages, such as CreativeName profiles (not User Pages), Character basepage (not Incarnations), and SeriesTitle pages. For example the first instance of "Love Robin" on her Profile is actually {{Subpages}}.


  • {{Subpages}} will capture the PAGENAME and print it as a clickable link ready to pass the information call a list of subpages with a pre-filled Special:Prefixindex.



  • Create an interwiki link, to a topic's canon page on another wiki—the default being our affiliated canon wiki, Kim Possible Wiki—in the same fashion and format as {{Main}}.


  • Interlinks which are of primary relevance to page are to be placed near the top, generally after the page Intro; usually to the same/similar canon page, and or additional/related references (see Lorwardians).
  • Interlinks which are of secondary relevance to be used like references and "see also" capacities are to be placed near the bottom in a ==References== section. These interlinks should be immediately under the section title but above <reference/> in order to be positioned above any footnoted <ref>s


  • {{Canon}} by itself, without a piped-string ( |'String') will automatically and by default use the page's PAGENAME to target its Kim Possible Wiki counterpart. Use this when the canon-target page shares the *exact same* PAGENAME. Ex, Bonnie Rockwaller
  • {{Canon|<WikiName>|<>}} (note the empty-variable (last pipe)), where "WikiName" is the non-affiliate's url-WikiName prior to and without "", will automatically and by default use the page's PAGENAME to target the other wiki's counterpart. Use this when the canon-target page shares the *exact same* PAGENAME. Ex, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz which targets her (phineasandferb)Phineas and Ferb Wiki page.
  • {{Canon|<'String'>}}, where 'String' is a canon-target page with a different PAGENAME. Use this when there is a mismatch of Source-to-Target pagenames, and for additional related target-pages. Ex, Lorwardians
    • For KP Wiki targets, be sure to double the pipe
  • ALWAYS double check spellings and formatting of *both* Source and Target PAGENAMEs!! If there is a mismatch, the interlink, while not showing up red, will *act* like a redlink by opening a New Page editing window on the target-wiki. Close and re-check spellings.
    • Existing REDIRECT pages are valid targets, but should be used sparingly; ensure not to use Double-Redirects. Consider we never know when other wikis might delete either type of redirects.
If there is something you need, please contact me first (I'm an Admin both here and on KP); start a Forum on this wiki; or place a comment on the target wiki's forum discussing the issue… for KP use
Canon article: Forum:Wiki_Affiliations#KP_Fanon_Wiki



  • Reduce Character/StoryTitle links to a simplified of just the Character's name; "Mentioned-Only" characters will be Italicized and in Grey.


  • Only on Story/Series pages (which may become subpages under Author's)
  • In the ==Characters== sections


  • {{Incarnation|<'CharacterName'>}} will then append the PAGENAME as the /StoryTitle and generate the proper Character/StoryTitle link. Ex, {{Incarnation|Bonnie Rockwaller}} will produce… Bonnie Rockwaller (link is red because this page's name is not the title of a story or series)
    • Use a Character's Canon Full Name, even if it is altered in the story. Disambigs or Redirects may be used asd needed.
    • For Characters which have only been mentioned, adding a final pipe ( | ) after the name; will gen the line Italicized and in Grey
    • Note: Clicking on a redlink will open the Create Page editor and the page can be made even if the Character's base-page is not yet made. As soon as it is, any /subpage will be linked to it.

Spoiler and SpoilerWarningEdit

For when there is information which is deemed as having a high spoiler-potential, it can be hidden under a Spoiler Button with {{Spoiler|<id>|<Content>}}. Try it to see how it is used:

This is the Content. The id value used for this demo is 1. Each additional spoiler on the same page needs to have a unique id so each will open and close independently. Should it be desired for different buttons to toggle at the same time, they must share the same id.

  • Note: In Preview, the button does not toggle, and content is visible for format review. If done correctly, all will work once submitted,

{{SpoilerWarning}} may be called for in conjunction with {{Spoiler}}. SpoilerWarning places the following banner

Spoiler warning! This article contains Spoiler Tags to mask surprise plot elements.
on the page. It should be positioned at the top of the page, after any {{Permit}} tags, before any {{Stub}}s.



  • Although using the intellectual property of Disney, each fan work is a Derivative Work in its own right. Meaning the author/artist has rights to anything uniquely theirs. So anytime a "Fanon Concept" is applied to and or overlaying anything canon—such as concepts and compositions—it becomes a "derivative work", which grants a measure of control to a fan-artist or -author. So while Kim Possible belongs to Disney, a drawing of her, for example, in a non-canon star-spangled bikini belongs to the artist; writing her as evil and taking over the world belongs to the author.
  • Each author or artist has their own views and preferences as to how they wish their intellectual fanon concepts to be used. Where these are known, pages where their fanon concepts are discussed may and should be so tagged


  • At the Top of a page with concepts of a single Creative…
    • Under any Magic Words ({{DISPLAYTITLE}}, __NOTOC__, Etc)
    • Immediately Above, if they exist and in order, {{SpoilerWarning}}, {{Stub}}, any {{Infobox}}es, and first File or Video (placeholders should not be used)
  • At the Bottom of any essay page discussing concepts of more than one Creative…
    • Under any Galleries and References
    • Above any {{Disambig}}s and {{DEFAULTSORT}}s


  • {{Permit|<Type>|<CreativeName>}}, where Type= f(Free), c(Credit), a(Ask), or n(No), which will generate one of the following Notices:
PermitGreen Permissions:

CreativeName FREELY ALLOWS use of any of the fanon concepts on this page, with no restrictions or requirements… So you really should thank them!

PermitBlue Permissions:

CreativeName does not mind anyone making use of any of the fanon concepts on this page, but DOES REQUIRE for credit to be given, as well as providing links to any new content on this page's Talk

PermitYellow Permissions:

CreativeName MIGHT ALLOW use of select fanon concepts on this page; CONTACT them to discuss requirements and details

PermitRed Permissions:

CreativeName DOES NOT give permission for anyone to make use of any of the fanon concepts on this page

Categories for TaggingEdit

As this entire wiki is about fan-made works, the term 'Fan'-anything is a redundant format and to be dropped.
New Categories - MUST be nominated and approved by Administration. Do not simply make up something and begin applying it. It shall be deleted.
Only use Main Categories where any Sub-Cats do not apply. For example: only Apply "Characters" if none of the Sub-Cats apply.
Visit each for a description of how it should be applied.

  • Note to Creatives: the rules found on the various Category pages are for how articles and pages on the Kim Possible Fanon Wiki are to be classified. They should not be construed as restrictions, rules, guidelines, or even commentary on how your story is developed.

Each of the below, except in RED belong to Tags


Story TypeEdit



Plot TypeEdit

Character TypeEdit

Life RolesEdit

(For Incarnations, select only which have significance in the story)



For now, only Categories for 2-Character hookups are to be made. Example: KiGo and K/R. If the relationship is more than two, such as a triad like KiBoGo (Kim/Bonnie/Shego) or KiRonGo (Kim/Ron/Shego), then tag with both "legs" as well as Poly.



Far from complete, the following are the most popular places to find these stories.
The ordering of the list implies no ranking.

  • FanFiction
  • AdultFanFiction
  • AO3/Archive Of Our Own
  • DeviantART
  • Author/Artist Personal Websites - see Profile Pages
  • Forums
    • KPSlashHaven
    • Bonnie Rockwaller's Page
    • Global Justice Alliance

Do Not Post ListEdit

If an individual is listed here, this means that they do not wish their content to be posted. [...] Please be sure to use all known screennames and aliases for proper coverage.
(Authors, Artists, you may edit yourselves onto this list)

  • The list starts here
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