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Monarch (KP Version)

Monarch (KP Version) is a secret scientific organization created by retired journalist Steve Martin in 1954 after the death of the first Godzilla. Though they remained unseen straight until the destruction of 3 cities which Monarch saw the chance to expose Global justice as a villainous headquarters bent on destroying giant creatures from existence but only let Betty and Gemini to be given a chance at redemption which later resulted Betty and Gemini to work together and form "Godzilla Justice Corps." after Godzilla had saved the world from invasion and evil.



Before Monarch was formed in secrecy in as a joint coalition between several governments in order to hunt and study massive unidentified terrestrial organisms by Steve Martin, it was called "Monolith Archaeology Institute" in 1896 to study unknown creatures and cities that have been long extinct after the fall of the first age of kaiju.

Notable Members Edit

  • Steve Martin (CEO and Founder of MONARCH)
  • Dr. Yamane (Deceased)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Grady (Active)
  • Professor Ishiro Serizawa (Leading Member-Relative of Daisuke Serizawa, the late inventor)
  • Prof. Bil Randa (Active)
  • Prof. Acari (Active)
  • Prof. Houston Brooks (Active)
  • Prof. Sang Lin (Active)
  • Dr. George Messeller (Former Member of Monolith Archaeology Institute (Now MONARCH)-deceased)
  • Dr. Nieves (Active)
  • Lt. James Packard (Leader of the MONARCH Corps-Active)
  • Will Du (Former Member of Global Justice Corps-Active)
  • Team Kaiju Force (Formerly Team Impossible-Active)
  • Dr Gemini (Formerly Worldwide Evil Empire founder-Active)
  • Dr. Betty Director (Formerly Global Justice Alliance leader-Active)

Awakening in 2004Edit

By CreativeEdit

  • Giovanni Frayne "John" Ricci
  • Image created by Legendary Pictures

By Story or SeriesEdit

By UniverseEdit

  • TBA

By GenreEdit

  • Kaiju
  • Epic
  • Action


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