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Dr Lady Montclaire Talia Fiske

Monkey Tail, also known as Lady Montclaire Talia Fiske is the sister of Monkey Fist, and an Original Character from Love Robin.
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Lady Claire –Talia, to her friends and brother– is two years older than Monty. Like her brother, Talia's body has undergone a significant morphological change, her spine having extended into a monkey-like fully-prehensile tail through yet unknown means. Occasionally she speaks of having had a choice of bodypart to alter and chose a tail, her feet having already had hand-like dexterity.

She is a primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist specializing with smaller primates. Her time "in the mists" has been spent searching for missing links. Instead of larger species, such as chimpanzees and gorillas, her doctoral thesis hinged upon the realization that any "missing links" would have been at a time in prehistory when nascent humanity were much smaller.

Dr Lady Fiske's research led her to the region of Jigokudani, Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, where she often disappears without trace for prolonged stretches of time which remain shrouded in mystery. It was after one of these periods, around the time of Kim Possible's Sophomore year in high school, when Lady Claire first returned with her tail. It was a few months later when the first of the monkey ninjas appeared, so Talia may have found a tribe of "missing links" and introduced her brother to them.

Lady Fiske is proficient with Tai Shing Monkey, but disdains the Pek Kwar "Axe-hand" style.

Montclaire is a Lady twice over. Not only from her peerage nobility, but as a member of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. Add her degrees, and her full title is "Dr Lady Montclaire Talia Fiske".

Although Talia may appear in stories prior to her brother's stoney fate, it is afterward in his absence she steps up her presence, becoming obsessed with Hana and seeking to seduce or otherwise force Ron to give her his mystical monkey powered offspring.

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