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Mr Rockwaller
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Character Type Original
Character information
Full name Rockefeller Rockwaller
Other names Rock
Personality Stern, Cold, Harsh, Exacting
Occupation CEO Rockwall Industries
Major Munitions Manufacturer
Affiliations Global Justice Network
The Zodiac
Goal Acquire power, prestige, and money
Home Middleton, Middleton County, Colorado
Relatives Cándida María de Jesús 'Rock Candi' (wife)
Veronica Elizabeth 'Vonnie'(daughter (sometimes deceased))
Conchita Maria 'Connie' (daughter)
Longoria Eva 'Lonnie' (daughter)
Bonita de la Isla 'Bonnie' (daughter)
Donald Trumpington 'Donnie' (son)
Likes Prestige, success, Lonnie
Dislikes Failure
Powers and abilities
Quote "I'm rich. You just live here." (to children)

Love Robin has some distinct concepts pertaining to Mr Rockwaller, Bonnie's father, which shapes her views of the entire Rockwaller Family.

Rockefeller 'Rock' Rockwaller is a cold, harsh, severe, calculating, and exacting man. Which is felt in his insistence that ALL but for a very few "friends", his wife, and favorite daughter Lonnie, call him Mister. He views his children, especially his beautiful daughters, as commodities with which to enhance any of his dealings, and is not above the concept of outright selling them should the gains be enough to his advantage. Something which each of the girls are fully aware.

Ousted from the family at the early age of twelve by his father under hushed rumors of attempted patricide, Rock returned after the man's death in the crash of his private aircraft to woo his sister Cándida María de Jesús 'Rock Candi' Rockwaller, whose grasp on reality was at best considered "flighty", living most of the time in her own happy-go-lucky cotton-candyish, cartoony world brought on by the early loss of her brother. Upon his return, his doting and amorous attentions, illicit as they were, not only made her happy but helped draw her back to a semblance of reality.

Which their grandfather, his own grasp on reality tenuous yet still firmly entrenched in power as the family patriarch, turned a blind eye to, citing such taboos as nonexistent during the druidic beginnings of their bloodline, which can be traced back over 200 generations. So to most outside the family, Rock and Cándida were passed off as cousins.

With Cándida's pregnancy, resulting marriage, and pooling of her inheritance with his own hard-earned fortune, Mister more than tripled his riches, consolidating and securing his status within the family. When the grandfather passed a few short years later, Mister stepped in to assume the mantle of family patriarch.

Mundane[edit | edit source]

  • Rich, powerful businessman, Munitions manufacturer (a Tony Stark, minus inventor and scruples)
    • To children: "I'm rich. You just live here."

Supernatural[edit | edit source]

  • Bloodline for the Slayer
  • Candi's mind was restored to complete sanity, although still a tad flighty, when during her first pregnancy the "Essence of the Slayer" was imparted to the unborn Veronica Elizabeth, which circumstances graced her for a time as a "regent slayer", the Essence providing her the skills to protect the unborn slayer through her toddler years. After which time the Essence passed fully to Vonnie.
  • Any reservations held by those in the know as to the appropriateness of Mister marrying his sister was dispelled with the Essence passing to Candi and then Vonnie.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While LR already had a mental image in mind for Mister Rockwaller, it was Roger Allam's performance as E.P. Arnold Royalton in the 2008 live-action movie Speed Racer, especially his "time to grow up, Boy" ranting monologue, which hit all her mental marks and brought him fully to life in her mind.

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