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The Special Dentist Chair was a dentist chair at Bean Dental designed to restrain patients who are afraid of the dentist and/or cannot sit still. It was designed by Doctor James Possible with the sole purpose of keeping Kim Possible (who was afraid of the dentist) immobile.


From the outside, it looks like an ordinary dentist chair. But when active, hidden red steel cuffs for the patient's wrists, shins, and mid-torso appear and keep the patient immobile.

The dentist chair's light not only enables the dentist to see into the patient's mouth, but it is also designed to have a tranquilizing effect on the patient.

Also, the dentist chair's seat cushions are so comfortable that patients would consider it the most comfortable chair they have ever sat in.

Known UseEdit

Kim went to Bean Dental to have her teeth cleaned, along with confronting her fear of the dentist.

Once she sat down in the chair, Doctor Keith Bean activated it via remote, causing the hidden red steel cuffs to appear and restrain Kim.

Bean then activated the light and it tranquilized Kim so he could clean her teeth.

Once Bean was done cleaning her teeth, Kim was released and left the dentist believing that she had a great time, never was restrained, and over her fear of the dentist.


Scared of the Dentist


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