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"Time to Tango!"

Tara Powers, also known as Tango, is a crosstime idem of Tara who appears mainly in Tara Royalé!, the companion sidequel to Every Kim Possible.

Imbued with Shego's glowing green power, she prefers the codename: Tango.

She serves as a commander in The Supreme One's forces. Her primary assignment is to seek out and eradicate a Resistence splinter cell comprised mainly of her idems and their partners and sidekicks. Her Second is a Vanessa Doofenshmirtz.


Through yet-revealed means, Tango shares the same green glowing power which Shego possesses. Appropros to her codename, in addition to her hands, Tango's powers also express through her feet, giving her four-points of glowing attack. One of her favorite tactics is to utilize sole-blasts to enhance her jumping abilitites. Although she could don footwear, Tango prefers to go either completely barefoot, or with saddle-bottom hoisery.

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