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Keysyone with a camouflage spell in place

In Love Robin's various stories, The Rockwall is a mystical barrier between realms which has been guarded since pre-Christian druidic times by a certain militant bloodline named after their task: The Rockwallers.

There are only a few physical components to and anchoring the Rockwall. The locations of these components have dictated where clans of the bloodline have had to take up residence throughout the generations.

The largest of these is the Keystone, a large natural stone with a mystic circle seemingly carved into its face, although the "carvings" cannot be felt by touch; indication it is not completely in the earthly realm. Located in what is today known as Middleton, Middleton County, Colorado, USA, it features as a "carved stone floor medallion" centerpiece to the Rockwaller Estates Mansion foyer, which was built up around it over a hundred years ago.

  • Capstone
  • Gates
    • Heaven - Upperton
    • Hell - Lowerton
    • Purgatory - Middleton
    • Others
      • Hellmouth - Sunnydale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Cornerstones
    • Amity Park (Danny Phantom)
  • Touchstones
    • Manhatten (Three Delivery)
    • Orchid Bay City (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee)
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