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In Every Kim Possible by Love Robin, The Supreme One is an effectively ruthless tyrant who has done more than conquered the world. She has conquered the world in nearly a thousand alternate universes, with her eye set not only on even more worlds, but the complete eradication of every Kim possible and the ultimate goal of Godhood.

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The Supreme One is a Kim

Summary[edit | edit source]

Where the canon Supreme One does little more than rest on her laurels sitting back in a life free from care while enjoying the misery of subjugated masses, this Supreme One has for her-past thirty subjective-years been aggressively shoving forward, pushing back boundaries in a power-mad all-encompassing pogrom to instill her will upon everyone everywhere.

Every one of her subjugated are inducted into the forces of her war machine, with even toddlers undergoing preparatory indoctrination for a life of thankless service. To her, everyone is a cog useful in some manner, even if nothing more than cannon-fodder in multiple multi-front battles on multiple worlds.

Each of the Galactic Federations in every affected alternate universe responded in parallel manner. Where once Sol System and Earth were preserves for the protection of the endangered mosquito, they were reclassified as quarantined and restricted for the protection of the galactic communities. They remain ever vigilant, knowing once secure in their own power-base, those like the Supreme One will one day turn their attention outward. There are rumors of secret supply lines and support for the dwindling Resistance.

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