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In Team Shego by Love Robin, The Supreme One has half the world on its knees. Only Kim Possible and a team of quantum versions of Shego, each with a different color glow power, stand in the way of total global supremacy.

The Supreme One is Ron Stoppable. He was never de-Attitudinated in Bad Boy, and does not stoop to using the name of the comic book character "Zorpox".

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Difference from Canon[edit | edit source]

Once past the time period of Bad Boy, Ron stops using the Zorpox costume. Instead wearing a form-fitting all black ensemble of slacks and turtleneck top with silver accessories and optional silver-lined cape, and occasionally sporting mirrored aviator-style sunglasses. The skullcap is changed from a "riveted-Viking" appearance to a that of a smooth-metal polished-silver yarmulke.

Adrena Lynn becomes The Supreme One's Chief Enforcer known as "Lasik".

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