• Respectfully, Please restore all the deleted pages and unblock this user.

    This user is a challenged individual who is doing his best to communicate. I know him on several other websites, for nearly 6 years now, including and AO3. For whatever reason I cannot get him to discuss, he prefers to remain an Anon. I don't think he has the capability to communicate over phone lines. At the very least, he doesn't seem to think he can communicate enough to plead his case for himself with Fandom Staff.

    Having a daughter on the spectrum, *I* can easily read, understand, and communicate with him. He is entirely misunderstood. Despite how it may appear, his posts are NOT vandalism, not unintelligent ramblings. Feel free to pick *any* of his posts and I'll gladly decipher and interpret them.

    He is welcome on every wiki I have admin privileges on.

    IIRC, this is the SECOND time I've asked you for this user's block to be lifted on my wikis. This level of consistent blocking is bordering on harassment of the Disabled/Autistic.

    Please unblock him on my wiki. And in the future, if you feel the need to block him in the future, please do it PER WIKI and not globally. Especially, not on any wiki where I'm an admin.

    At the very least, please use your tools to RESTORE what was deleted.

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    • Could you send that via Special:Contact/general please? I'd like a second professional opinion on my action on this IP address.

      From my point of view, it seemed like just an anon posting the same content on 42 wikis for a while now, which is why I did my action.

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    • I can fully understand how their posts *appears* to be randomized content. *I* can read it not only because I've long known of this user from other sites and sources for several years. I first encountered them on my fic feedback.

      The relief and joy of this user when I started clearly responding to their comments was nearly palpable. They found a connection. I don't know their true conditions and challenges, but they are clearly either challenged, disabled, or both.

      I'm aware that others are more likely to only see gibberish. So I'm not contesting other users and wikias having issues with them (although I've had a couple admins on other wikis ask me to translate). I'm just asking that instead of Global Blocking, you block and rollback/delete them per-wiki OTHER THAN where I'm an admin.

      Because Dr Fan Mai Lover insists on remaining Anon (I've tried to encourage them to register several times), it can take them several months before their dynamic IPs refresh.

      Others don't like the apparent disruption on their wikias, fine. I ask they not be blocked from communities I help oversee.

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    • A FANDOM user
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