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Haya! I'm Love Robin… that's 2words1name… the new Admin in town.

I'm a wife, mother, long-time KP fan, and writer. I write mature-natured fan fics about Kim and Company.

My preferred ship is Kigo, although Kibo is a close second, and in fact I rather enjoy exploring many a ship, especially Kim-slashy. But that's not to say I don't like Ron! I really do, and there is a primal romanticism of a best friend who is at one's side through thick and thin, Hell and highwater, even if sex is not on the table.

My best advice for anyone who wishes to tell a story, be it prose or graphic?


Matters not if you plan to do an AU, Crossover, Fusion, or even try to do between the lines of Canon… Know Canon First. You can always deviate from it, but the secret to feeling like the show is to know the show inside and out.

That means: take off any rosy glasses and really see what the show, creators, and writers, gave us On-screen. and get to KNOW CANON First.